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Cinnamon Roll DONUT

Who says eating healthy has to be boring and dreadful. Take your Donut to the next level.

Flavor: Cinnamon Roll Donut

What you will need:

  1. all purpose flour (king Arthur) (1/4 cup)

  2. baking powder (1/4 tsp)

  3. whey protein isolate powder (1 scoop)

  4. whole eggs (2)

  5. Cinnamon (1/4 tsp)

  6. Almond Milk (1 tbsp)

  7. allulose sugar ( 2 tbsp)

  8. Brown sugar (2 tbsp)

  9. butter (melted, 1 tbsp)

  10. vanilla Extract (1tbsp)

Feel free to adjust the ingredients as you wish. Each of these are easily replaceable. they work great with oat flour or any other protein powder. I find it best to use a isolate protein for better baking consistency.


Whey protein isolate is far superior to just your average protein powder blend. One of the main differences is that whey isolate provides faster/better absorption into the blood stream. If you suffer from lactose then I would recommend finding a isolate protein because its a cleaner form of protein.


Sugar is in everything that we consume, and sometimes we don't even know how much sugar we consume on a daily basis. A high sugar diet is one of the main causes for diabetics especially type 2. I use "swerve" sugar replacement because it has great benefits being; gluten free, low on enthyrol (type of sugar), and no high glycemic index.

What is glycemic index;

- the glycemic index is important because it deals with sugar levels in the body known as glucose. When we eat high sugar foods we notice a "sugar rush" feeling. This is due to our body's glucose (sugar) rising and if your a diabetic this can be very dangerous to your health. Consuming allulose sugar does not raise your glucose level which is ideal for a healthier diet, making it perfect for everyone because sugar is in everything and why add to our consumption.

What is enthyrol:

- it is a chemical altering sugar that is found in most "sugar free" food items. When baking with the brand swerve I find it best to other sugar replacements due to its low levels of enthyrol.

Step 1

add your dry ingredients together

  1. flour 1/4 cup

  2. baking powder 1/4 tsp

  3. whey isolate 1 scoop

  4. cinnamon 1/4 tsp

  5. sugar 2 tbsp

Step 2:

crack 2 whole eggs and combine melted butter and vanilla extract. this will help with bringing the flavor out of the donuts

Step 3:

combine wet to dry ingredients

Hands on time: 10min

Baking Time: 12 minutes @ 350 F

Total time: 22 minutes


per 1 donut

calories 200

fats 3g

carbs 12g

protein 21g

sugar <1g

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