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About Our Bakery

Being a professional bodybuilder I understand the struggles of eating healthy and staying away from treats of any kind. Back in 2020 I found myself with a lot of spare time, and I went straight to baking because I had an idea that would benefit all other fitness enthusiasts out there. 

A couple months into the kitchen I created 5 loaves company with the launch of protein breads that offer (zero sugar, high protein, and macro friendly) options. Next thing you know I am eating my breads every week during my bodybuilding preps and winning shows in the process. 

My breads are the perfect option to settle your sweet cravings while maintaining a healthy physique. Cheers to eating sweets on the daily!

- Patricio Martinez (owner of 5 loaves company)


Our Products

Healthy ingredients that are understandable is something we strive for in each of our products. We at 5 loaves company believe in transparent, healthy ingredients that offer great benefits for our body. 


We use allulose sugar in all our products to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. What is blood glucose, well its when the sugar enters the blood stream and increases glucose "sugar" in the body. Using allulose doesn't increase our blood glucose levels at all, which is perfect for diabetics. We believe that treats shouldn't surge your sugar levels...


Protein is what sets us apart, and we use whey isolate. Whey isolate is the purest form of protein powder that is daily digestible. 

Gluten Free:

As of right now ONLY our cookie products are gluten free. 



Whole grain oatmeal, whey protein isolate, all purpose flour, cinnamon, allulose sugar, baking powder, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, walnuts, pecans, nutmeg, cacao, spinach, carrots, eggs, butter, olive oil

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